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Development Guides

Welcome to the Development Guides section. If you would like to learn development on the Venom blockchain you're in the right place.

Set up the Venom environment and start with the guides

Setting Up The Venom Smart Contract Development Environment

How to set up the development environment with the necessary tools to improve your development experience.

How to create your own fungible TIP-3 token

Learn you possibilities of the Venom blockchain for fungible tokens implementation, create your own tokensale contract, and improve your skills in Smart Contract development with the Ways of code enhancing article.

How to create your own non-fungible TIP-4 token

Learn how to create the NFT collection with Simple Auction contracts.

Using Ever SDK and developer tools to work with Venom

Learn how to work with wallets and transactions, and to add Venom blockchain and Venom token support to the backend of your project with the help of Ever SDK and Everdev CLI tool.

Using Evercloud GaphQL API to work with-Venom

Learn how to query Venom blockchain data with GraphQL API and integrate these queries in various environments and projects.

Tools & Resources

Check out the list of helpful tools to start on the Venom blockchain