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Quick start developing with TIP-3

Source code

You can inspect the source code of TIP-3 token implementation by link.

How to deploy your own token


You need to have an installed Smart Contract Development Environment. If you haven't already, follow this tutorial.

Initialize your token project

npx locklift init --path my-first-token
> [INFO] New Locklift project initialized in .
> [INFO] Installing required dependencies...
> [INFO]
> added 181 packages, and audited 182 packages in 13s

> 23 packages are looking for funding
> run `npm fund` for details

> found 0 vulnerabilities

> [INFO] LockLift initialized in my-first-token happy hacking!

Install dependencies

Add TIP-3 implementation repository as a devDependency:

npm i --save-dev @broxus/tip3

Specify installed contracts to the compiler.externalContracts section of locklift.config.ts, by providing a path to contracts artifacts (.abi.json, .tvc files, etc., most commonly placed in a build folder of smart contracts projects) and contract names array.

compiler: {
externalContracts: {
"node_modules/@broxus/tip3/build": ["TokenRoot", "TokenWallet"],

Now we can compile our contracts and make sure that artifacts were created

npx locklift build

> Found 1 sources
> factorySource generated
> Built

ls ./build

> ...
> TokenRoot.abi.json
> TokenRoot.code
> TokenRoot.base64
> TokenRoot.tvc
> ...
> TokenWallet.abi.json
> TokenWallet.code
> TokenWallet.base64
> TokenWallet.tvc
> ...

Deploy your token

Let's move to deploy. Firstly, we make a new deploy script in scripts directory for the TokenRoot contract.

import { Address, getRandomNonce, toNano, zeroAddress } from "locklift"
import BigNumber from "bignumber.js"

async function main() {
const signer = (await locklift.keystore.getSigner("0"))!

// Address of initial token supply recipient (write your own)
const initialSupplyTo = new Address("0:7542...")
// Address of token owner (write your own)
const rootOwner = new Address("0:7542...")
// Name of the token
const name = "First Venom Token"
// Symbol of the token
const symbol = "FVT"
// How many token will be issued instantly after deploy
const initialSupply = 0
// The number of decimals the token uses
const decimals = 18
// If `true`, disables token minting
const disableMint = false
// If `true`, disables token burning by root
const disableBurnByRoot = false
// If `true`, pauses token burning
const pauseBurn = false

Returns compilation artifacts based on the .tsol file name
or name from value config.externalContracts[pathToLib].
const TokenWallet = locklift.factory.getContractArtifacts("TokenWallet")

Deploy the TIP-3 Token Root contract.
@params deployWalletValue: Along with the deployment of the root token,
the wallet will be automatically deployed to the owner.
This is the amount of EVERs that will be sent to the wallet.
const { contract: tokenRoot } = await locklift.factory.deployContract({
contract: "TokenRoot",
publicKey: signer.publicKey,
initParams: {
deployer_: zeroAddress, // this field should be zero address if deploying with public key (see source code)
randomNonce_: getRandomNonce(),
rootOwner_: rootOwner,
name_: name,
symbol_: symbol,
decimals_: decimals,
walletCode_: TokenWallet.code,
constructorParams: {
initialSupplyTo: initialSupplyTo,
initialSupply: new BigNumber(initialSupply).shiftedBy(decimals).toFixed(),
deployWalletValue: toNano(1),
mintDisabled: disableMint,
burnByRootDisabled: disableBurnByRoot,
burnPaused: pauseBurn,
remainingGasTo: zeroAddress,
value: toNano(5),

console.log(`${name}: ${tokenRoot.address}`)

.then(() => process.exit(0))
.catch(e => {

Finally, we can deploy a new token to local network. For this, make sure the local node is running. If not, run the following command

docker run -d --name local-node -e USER_AGREEMENT=yes -p80:80 tonlabs/local-node

and run the deploy script

npx locklift run -s ./scripts/01-deploy-token-root.ts -n local
> Found 1 sources

> factorySource generated
> Built
> First Venom Token: 0:69f2407386ca20390878565da97124be717f65496cb03e14aaa676709a6ccb2b
Deployment Error

When trying to deploy the script, you may encounter the following error:
Cannot use "in" operator to search for 'map' in undefined

This issue is still current. A solution can be found at this GitHub link: Error Fix.

Congratulations, your first token on the Venom network has been deployed!