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Quick start developing on Venom testnet

If you need just dive deep into the development on Venom Blockchain, this article is suitable for you. You can use the following steps to get started.

Start with some reading

Before you start your diving, you'd better check a learn section of this documentation. It contains a lot of useful information about the Venom Blockchain. You can find there a lot of useful information about the blockchain, smart contracts, tokens, wallets, etc.

Get a Wallet

The next thing you should do is install a wallet. Venom Blockchain offers wallets for different platforms. You can choose the one that suits you best.

But if you are a dApp developer, we recommend you install the browser extension, because you will need it to interact with the Venom blockchain from your dApp.

Use a Faucet

To deploy your wallet or any other smart contract or for any interaction with any other smart contracts, you definitely need some tokens. You can get them from Venom Faucet. Use smartly ;)

Explore the Explorer

One of the most important tools for a developer is the explorer. It allows you to see the state of the blockchain and smart contracts, transactions, token transfers etc. You can use Venom Explorer or the alternative explorer to see the state of the blockchain and the smart contracts.

Check some tutorials

There are many development tutorials for Venom Blockchain on this website. You can check them out to get started with the development. These tutorials are not only about smart contracts programming but also about backend and frontend development. So with these tutorials, you can build any dApp for Venom Blockchain. Guides are covering some popular blockchain things like fungible and non-fungible tokens. Check the most popular:

There are some other useful guides about the development on Venom Blockchain, including backend development. Check them out by yourself in the Build section of this website.

Explore development tools

To better start your development process, you can check some developer tools for Venom Blockchain in our "awesome" repository. You can find a list of tools for smart contracts development, frontend development, backend development, and other useful tools. Check them out.

Get in touch

If you have any questions, you can ask them in our Discord server. We will be happy to help you.