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Tools & Resources


  • Locklift - Hardhat-like development environment.
  • Inpage provider - Web3-like interface for TVM blockchains.
  • Standalone client - Standalone client for TVM blockchains to use with inpage provider.
  • Venom Connect - Easy integration of Venom Wallet into dApps. (inspired by web3modal).
  • Ever SDK - Rust Client Library (core) for DApp development in TVM blockchains. It also has bindings for JS, Python, Go, Java and other popular languages.
  • nekoton - Rust SDK for Venom network.
  • ton-indexer - Simple and reliable indexer node of Venom Blockchain.
  • venom-scaffold - Yeoman generator to scaffold ready-to-use projects for smart contract development on TVM-based blockchains.



Blockchain Utilities

  • VenomScan - Venom Blockchain Explorer.
  • VenomFaucet - Faucet for Venom Blockchain testnet and mainnet networks.
  • VenomPools - DApp that can helps you with Staking on Venom Network.
  • Venom Tools - Set of tools to interact with Venom smart contracts from browser.