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Getting Started

The Knowledge Base is the entry point into the Venom universe. Get to know the technology behind the incredible scalability of the Venom blockchain.

Why the Venom blockchain for everyone?

The Venom blockchain offers many benefits, making it an attractive choice for users and developers. It is a safe place for everyone to build their blockchain-based solutions and conduct transactions securely and efficiently.


Here you can find information about Products Within The Venom Ecosystem, an introduction to Venom Architecture, and the ability to delve deeper into it.

The Build Section provides guides and tutorials for developers and integrators. It contains a Comparison of Ethereum vs Venom to help you understand the key differences between EVM and TVM used in the Venom blockchain and to facilitate a smooth migration to TVM development.

If you are interested in maintaining the network, the maintenance section provides all the necessary information on the roles of Network Maintainers, and How to run a Venom Validator Node.

First steps with Venom

  1. Create a Wallet
    The Wallet Account is your identity on the Venom blockchain and a secure location to store your Venom tokens

  2. Transfer funds
    Allows you to send your VENOM tokens to friends

  3. Explore transactions
    Browse, search, and view transactions, addresses, tokens, and other activities on the Venom Blockchain

  4. Bridge your tokens
    Experience the convenience of interchain transactions. Save time and money when moving assets from one network to another