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GraphQL API guides

Take a look at Quick start on Venom Blockchain to get familiar with GraphQL API and learn how to integrate in in various environments.

Other GraphQL guides and samples are available in Evercloud documentation and are listed below.

Run these samples on the Venom public endpoint:

GraphQL samples and guides

  • Send Message - send a message to blockchain via GraphQL

  • Network Configuration - get blockchain configuration data

  • Blocks - blocks-related query samples: block search and information, list of shards

  • Accounts - query samples for account data: account information, transaction and message data for given account, counterparties data, gas consumption

  • Transactions - query samples for transaction data: get transaction info bu hash, calculate fees, analyze transaction statistics

  • Messages - query samples for message data: get message information

  • Message Processing and Monitoring - query or subscribe to processing statuses of batches of external messages

  • Block and Transaction Pagination: Best Practice - how to paginate blocks and transactions properly and not lose any data while doing it

  • Subscribe for REMP receipts - receive detailed information about message processing stages