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How to Sign into the Wallet Account Using the Seed Phrase?

Restoring your seed phrase

To sign in to your Venom wallet account, the user should use the unique seed phrase as a key. This verification method is considered to be a more secure and infeasible way to access the account.


It's important to backup your seed phrase using the Venom Wallet extension on your PC and using the "pen or pencil method" to ensure that it is safely stored offline. Additionally, never share your seed phrase with any third parties as it would give them access to your wallet and funds. Remembering your seed phrase is vital as it allows you to set up a new wallet, connect it on different devices such as phone, browser or hardware device, and regain access to your wallet transactions.

How to sign in using an existing seed phrase:

  1. Open the Venom Wallet extension or application and select the option "sign in with seed phrase" under the wallet login.
  1. In the sign-in form, enter your unique series of words from the seed phrase, in the correct order. The interface will allow you to transfer the entire phrase automatically with one click, by pasting it into the provided field.
  1. After entering the seed phrase, enter the password that you created during the account setup process to confirm actions in the wallet.
  1. Once you have successfully entered the seed phrase and password, you will be able to access your wallet and begin performing transactions.

Make sure you have made the seed phrase backup with the wallet extension, before logging out the account. See how to back up your seed phrase using your account here.

In the case that the seed phrase has been forgotten, the user can recover the phrase from the .json file backup that has been stored on the computer to sign in to the account:

  1. Launch the extension/application and select the wallet “recover from backup” option from the login page.
  2. The dialog window will appear. Select your generated .json file from your computer. Click “Open”.
  3. Once the .json file is imported, the user's seed phrase will be automatically populated and they will be logged into their account.

After successfully logging in with the seed phrase, the user will now have access to their wallet account and can perform various transactions.