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Performing a transaction

The simplest way to transfer crypto to another account via the Venom Wallet extension is to use the quick command from the home screen of the wallet account.

This is a comprehensive guide on the transactional process:

  1. From the main screen of the Venom Wallet extension, make sure you have selected the preferred account for the transaction to be executed.
  2. Select the "Send" command from the main screen of the Venom Wallet extension. The dialogue window will appear.
  3. At the top of the “Send your funds” screen select the token which you are going to send.

The VENOM token is selected by default.

  1. In the “Receiver Address” field paste (or manually enter) the wallet address of the recipient.
  2. In the “Amount” field enter the amount of tokens to be sent. This field can contain decimals.

Once all the required information has been entered on the dialogue window, the Venom Wallet extension will calculate the gas fee, which is a small fee that is required to be paid to the network to process the transaction. The calculated gas fee will be displayed in the "Blockchain fee" field. It's important to note that the gas fee is dynamic and can change over time.

  1. Enter the Wallet password and click “Confirm transaction”.

The completed transaction will be now displayed on the home screen of the wallet extension under the “Transactions” tab.