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The Main Screen of the Wallet Extension

Upon logging in, the user will be directed to the account management screen, where they will find all the necessary tools for managing their account.


To access the seed manager: Click on the profile button, located in the top right corner of the account management screen. From this menu, the user can select the option to backup their seed phrase(s) on their PC. The backup will be generated automatically by the Venom Wallet extension.


On the account management screen, the user's wallets are represented with card-like icons. To switch between different wallet accounts or add a new one, the user can swipe right using the "arrows" on the icons or click on the right corner of it. To review the information of a specific wallet, the user can use the "gear" icon located on the top right corner of the wallet icon. This will allow the user to view the wallet details, such as the balance, transaction history and more.


The user can use the "Explorer" feature to view a detailed transaction history of their wallet.

Transaction buttons

The user can perform quick and effortless transactions by using the functional buttons "Receive" and "Send" on the account management screen. They can also use the "Assets" and "Transactions" sections for a quick display of their assets and the history of performed transactions.


To discover the address of the particular crypto asset, click on the asset’s icon.

On the bottom of the wallet window, the user will find some additional commands.

On the bottom of the wallet window, the user can find a button labeled "Refresh to find", selecting this button will manually refresh the assets list if the balances have not been fetched. Additionally, users may find a "Manage (assets) manually" button which will allow them to manually add a custom token by entering the token address or manually search for a token.

We hope you find the Venom Wallet to be a useful tool for your crypto trading needs. It's designed to make the process of buying, selling, and managing your assets fast and effortless.